Medication Policy

New Athens

Medication Policy

Medication is to be given during school hours only when medically necessary to maintain the child in school. If a child needs to take medication due to illness, a schedule should be worked out with the doctor, if at all possible, so that it may be given at home before or after school.

Parents are always welcomed to come to school to administer medications. Medication administration will be given under the supervision of a certified school nurse or registered nurse.

In lieu of the nurse's absence, the administrative office/secretaries stand "in loco parentis" to dispense medication.

The school nurse will not be held legally liable for medication she does not dispense.

The effectiveness or side effects will be assessed and documented as needed with feedback to the physician and parent/guardian.

Any written feedback on a students' medications will be available to the licensed prescribes upon request.

All medication, including non-prescription medications, given in school shall be prescribed by a licensed prescriber. A written order for prescription and non-prescription medications must be obtained from the students' licensed prescriber.

a. The written order shall include: Students' name, date of birth, licensed prescriber name, signature and date, licensed prescriber phone and emergency number(s), name of medication with dosage, route of administration, frequency and time of administration, diagnosis requiring medication, intended effect of the medication/possible side effects, other medications student is receiving, time interval for re-evaluation, approval for self administration, approval for student to carry emergency medication on their person (i.e. inhaler, Epi Pen).

b. Prescription medications :

Prescription medications to be given must be brought to school in the original container and shall display the child's name, name of medication, dosage, amount/route of administration and/or other directions, the date the prescription was filled, and any refill date, and the name of the licensed prescriber.

c. Non-prescription medications:

Non-prescription medications to be given must be brought to school in the original container with the ingredients listed and the child's name affixed to the container.

In addition to the licensed prescriber's order, a written request shall be obtained from the parent(s) or guardian requesting the medication is given during school hours. The request must include the name of the student, the parent(s) or guardian's name and phone number in case of emergency. It is the parent(s) or guardian's responsibility to ensure that the licensed prescriber's order; written request and medication are brought to school.