• Frequently Asked Questions

      • ★How should I behave in the library?

    • Respect each other. Respect the books. Respect the equipment.

    • ★What happens if I return my book late?

    • You will pay a fine of 10 cents per day.

    • ★What if I lose my book?

    • You will be responsible for the cost of the book.

    • ★What if I damage my book?

    • You will be responsible for the repair cost.

    • ★How can I get Jolly Rancher™ from the HS Library?

    • Make Mr. Treece jolly by checking out a book from the HS Library.

    • ★Can I take an AR quiz on my book?

    • Many books have a quiz available. Mr. Treece can usually purchase one upon request.

    • ★Can I work in the HS Library during activity period?

    • Yes, as long as you have permission from your homeroom/activity teacher.

    • ★How can I build my vocabulary, entertain myself, improve literacy skills, gain knowledge, legitimately beat by friends at trivia games, and improve my test scores?