Library Policy

Adopted School Board Media Center Policy

Library Resource Center

The Superintendent shall manage the District’s library resource program according to the following standards:

  1. The program focuses on enlarging and enriching the ongoing classroom instructional program.

  2. Materials are selected on the basis of encouraging the acquisition of knowledge and developing literary, cultural, and aesthetic appreciation and ethical standards.

  3. Staff members are invited to recommend additions to the collection.

  4. Each school maintains a collection of material that supports the curriculum and provides for individual needs, interests, abilities, and maturity levels.

  5. Students may freely select resource center materials as well as receive guided selection of materials appropriate to specific, planned learning experiences.

CROSS REF.: 6:60 (Curriculum Content)

6:170 (Title I Programs)

6:210 (Instructional Materials)

ADOPTED: December 21, 2006