Calculators & Converters

How far is it?

Enter two cities and the direct distance between them will be calculated.


Focuses on metric conversions (e.g. pounds to kilograms, miles to kilometers) but also offers a host of other conversion functions.

Time Zone Converter

Calculate the time anywhere in the world.

Universal Currency Converter

Automatically converts currencies between countries using rates from the previous business day.

Salary Calculator

Compares the cost of living among hundreds of U.S. cities. Enter the city you live in, where you're moving, and how much you make, and the calculator will tell you how much you'll need to make in your new city.

The Inflation Calculator

Enter an amount of money and two years between 1800 and 2005, and this calculator shows the inflation-adjusted amount for both years. Based on Consumer Price Index figures.

Offers tools to convert between units in distance, weight/mass, temperature, cookery, and many other categories.