RTI Literacy Links


Internet4Classrooms (comprehensive, updated. leveled)

Pulp Friction (older students)

Reading Comprehension Passages

Online Practice Reading Texts (leveled)

BBC Words: Reading

BBC Bitesize: Reading

Literacy Net (older students)

The Reading Matrix (older students)

Reading Comprehension Connection (older students)

Interactive Reading Websites

Peetnik Mysteries

Online Comprehension Tutorials (older students)

Mr. Nussbaum.Com (nonfiction, older students)

Sadlier-Oxford: (leveled reading, nonfiction)

Read, Write, Think (use the search engine)

Vocabulary & Spelling

Internet4Classrooms (comprehensive, updated, leveled)

Visual Dictionary Online

Words & Pictures

I Know That (leveled)

Spin 'n Spell

Spell It

Fun Brain (see section on words)

Harcourt Spelling (leveled)

Magnetic Poetry

Spelling City (enter your own list)

AAA Spelling (leveled)

BBC Words: Spelling

Scholastic: I Can Read

Scholastic: Word Girl Games


Building Language for Literacy

BBC: Magic Key Adventures

Make a Word

Story It Word Games


BBC Words: Vocabulary

Sadlier-Oxford: (leveled vocabulary activities)

Crick Web (leveled)

Little Animals Word Game

Game Goo (leveled)

Online Literacy Games ( a list of websites)

Vocabulary Games (higher level)

Read, Write, Think (use the search engine)

Writing and Other Literacy Resources

Internet4Classrooms (comprehensive, updated, leveled)

Kennesaw State University

Read, Write, Think (use the search engine)

Online Publishing (list of websites)

Stop & Go Stories

Kid Pub

BBC Words: Writing

Writer's Area for Kids

Stories from the Web (leveled)

Instant Poetry Forms

Giggle Poetry

Magnetic Poetry

Rhyme Zone

Scholastic: Writing with Writers

Young Authors Workshop

Write Site

Graphic Organizers

Enchanted Learning


Essential Skills Reading Comprehension

L. 1-3 for grades 1-4

L.4, 5, 6 for grades 4-7

Reading for Meaning

Grades 3-8

Cornerstone Reading Comprehension

Grades 3-8


Remembering What is Read

Pre-Reading: Questions

see also TeacherTube

Slide Shows

Getting Around Non-Fiction Slide Show

Free PowerPoint Presentations, Interactive Games and Activities for Reading